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Hospital Entertainment Network:  Mellow Mics

Mellow Mics is the signature program of the Hospital Entertainment Network [HEN].  Hospitals, retirement homes, assisted living and other nursing facilities are treated to live G-rated performances by Altruistic Artists who are happy to offer community service by providing free performances to improve the quality of patient/resident life within medical facilities.  The very warm, relaxed nature of these concerts allows flexibility for a variety of medical circumstances and limitations, and creates a safe and supportive environment for up and coming artists to hone their craft while doing good for others, hence the title “Mellow Mics.”  If you would like to participate in a Mellow Mic, or receive a free concert in your facility, please contact us.


Hospital Hannah & Friends

Hospital Hannah & her friends are happy to provide uplifting and entertaining visits to children ages 1-99.  From playful comedy, music, improv and more, Hospital Hannah and her friends will work with you to custom-design an hour or day that is special for you and your friends.

Hannah Kiki is "Hospital Hannah" – Disabled Artist Resource Page

RSI & Carpal Tunnel Prevention
for Pianists and Electronic Musicians

Repetitive Strain Injuries in Pianists, Females and Computer Users (NYU, 2002)
by Laura Kessler

Musicians, artists and computer users are especially high-risk communities for Repetitive Strain Injuries, of which 70% of sufferers are female. Unfortunately, it is only recently that creative music pedagogy methods have begun to stress the importance of fitness and injury prevention for performing artists.

This book originally began as a Graduate Masters Thesis at NYU from personal experience, and has endured due to its relevance to students and professional musicians alike, with contributions from the Rehabilitation Institute of Chicago.


Q-GHI: Quon Global Health Initiative

October 16, 2011 Los Angeles – Whiskey a Go Go